Some materials re: authoring R libraries with R Shiny capabilities using Rstudio and GitHub.

Overview: These materials are for our November 11 Biostatistics, Genetics, and Genomics meeting. They constitute some notable highlights from a series of talks given by Dr. Martin Morgan as part of his Intermediate R Software Development short course. The image captures and example code below were prepared primarily by Mr. Ziqiang Chen, based upon the materials provided by Dr. Morgan in his course.

Setup: Install Rstudio , Install git, and install devtools [ with the command  install.packages(“devtools”)  ]

Setting up a GitHub account: . Create a new project called ‘Knees’.



Create a new library in Rstudio:

Enable Git version control in Rstudio and connect to GitHub:

The Stick Person Code that we will use for our example library:

Add this function and two others to our R library:

Make sure to make some modfications for the ‘Knees’ package!

Document and Install and the Package:


Commit the changes locally:


Push the changes:

Run the code on the command line:


Now, setup the infrastructure for the RShiny App by creating a inst/sticky directory and adding these files:

Install the library and Run the Shiny App!



If you wish to skip all of the above, and just load Ziqiang’s version of the library:



Some Shiny RStudio Video tutorials (there are many to be found – thanks to Ziqiang Chen, for the links)
1. A (official) RStudio tutorial: 
2. A comprehensive playlist of shiny tutorials:

Some useful dplyr links

Some useful links provided to me by Ziqiang Chen:

1. The basic for dplyr and pipes, R markdown work through (GREAT):

2. Introduction of pipe:

3. %.% operator:

4. The vignette of magrittr (illustrative examples):

Some Videos:

1. Basic, short walk through video about the pipe operator:

2. A short tutorial about dplyr:

3. A little longer tutorial about dplyr:

4. One hour presentation “Pipelines for Data Analysis” by Hadley Wickham:

The origin  of the name for the magrittr R library:




Paintings by Rene Magritte